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Cosmetic Glitter

These glitters are specifically designed for cosmetic use. They are completely skin safe, so you can use them on your face and sensitive areas without fear of irritation. Use care when placing them around eyes to avoid glitter particles coming into direct contact with your eyes. •Vegan and cruelty free  •non-toxic 

Perfect for use:

•under the eyes

•on the eyelids

•around the eyes

•on eyebrows

•on the cheekbones (ultrafine sizes make excellent highlighter!)

•on the lips

•swept across the collar bones


•mixed with gel and braided into hair

•sprinkled at your roots

•you name it, get creative!

Apply with setting spray, or for longer lasting effects, use primer, gel, lotion, or try our cosmetic glitter adhesive. Pair with pearls and/or crystals for maximum glam! 

Remove with makeup remover wipes before showering to prevent glitter from entering our water systems and possibly harming sea life. 

Although this is cosmetic glitter, we found that it behaves like our regular line of glitters. We’ve tested it in nail products, hair products, body products, slime, resin, crafting products & adhesives with no apparent difference. We don’t guarantee use, so, if using in a non-cosmetic way, please test it in your project to be sure it has the desired outcome.