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About us

We are a husband and wife team in beautiful North Idaho who finally figured out what we want to be when we grow up! Glitter dealers!

I’ve always loved glittery, sparkly things, but never imagined I’d be lucky enough to create a business out of it. Doug grew to love and appreciate the glitter life. Glitter has become our focus and that has earned Doug the name, the Glitter Guy.

This business is all we do because we love it!  We plan to keep growing, expanding and someday, we hope it will be a family run business. 

We currently have over 1,000 glitters and are continually adding new glitters and glitter mixes. We create new mixes based on holidays and seasons, by request, or whenever inspiration strikes.

We carry premium quality glitters that are completely safe to apply to skin, nails, hair and use in makeup, body lotions, bath bombs and other body products. It’s solvent resistant so it’s ideal for use in acrylics, gels (hard gel and gel polish), resin, candles & almost any project or application. See where your imagination takes you. 

* Be sure to test the glitter in your particular medium. We’ve tested our glitters in all of the applications mentioned above, and many more, all with success and excellent results. But, we can’t promise it will work in every single instance with all products and in all conditions.