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Here is where you will be able to find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find the answer to your question listed here, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Please give us a few days to reply. We are a small, family run business, trying to do it all and live the American dream.  You are very important to us, but sometimes we get swamped and don't make it to our email every day.

Thank you for the opportunity to fill your glittery needs! 💖

*How much glitter comes in a sample?

A sample bag is approximately 1g. Enough to confirm the quality & verify that it's suitable for use in your project before you commit to a jar. (Note- 10 gram jars are the most popular and common size for makeup artists and nail techs to purchase.)


*Are your glitters safe to use in makeup, bath & skincare products? 

Yes! Absolutely! ALL of our glitters are cosmetic grade and safe for use on the skin. We are now offering cosmetic glitter as well. 

*Is this the same glitter I buy at the craft store

Absolutely not! Our glitters are of the highest quality and do not bleed or fade. They are safe for use in solvents and maintain their sparkle and color through use. They will NOT bleed, melt or fade in nail products, crafting use, resin, and other typical applications. They can be applied to skin, fabric, nails, hair and crafts with no issues. 

*Do your glitters file silver on nails?

Most of our glitters won't file silver, however the solid colors do tend to show some silver. This is a result of the manufacturing process of the glitter and in no way a reflection of the quality of the product. We always suggest you encapsulate the glitter in your preferred medium to avoid filing the glitter itself,  and potentially exposing silver edges. 

*How long will it take to receive my order? 

Although orders used to go out within 24-48 hours, as our business grows, it’s taking longer to fill orders. Our current fulfillment time is 4-5 days, with some orders still going out the next day, while others take closer to a week, sometimes longer, depending on order volume and staffing.
Packages are sent via USPS on domestic orders. Although we ship using the three-five day option, it often takes longer than that to receive your package, due the current situation with our postal system. (Please remember that once the USPS takes possession of your package we no longer have any control over it. We have access to the exact same info and progress that you have via the tracking number.)

Delivery can take longer than expected to arrive, especially during holidays and other high volume times. An automated email with be sent with tracking info once a label is created for your order. Please check the email account you enter at checkout for updates on order fulfillment and shipping.

We fill & ship orders Monday - Friday. Please take the weekend into consideration when placing your order if you need it by a specific date. 

There are occasionally issues that may arise, such as illness, delay in our shipment from our manufacturer, extreme weather conditions (we are located in the North Idaho pandhandle), high volumes of orders, etc that may delay your order being filled. We take every action possible to stay on schedule and get your order to you in a reasonable amount of time. 

*International shipping

If you’d like to place an international order, please contact me first. I have removed international shipping options through the site due to some issues with certain countries postal service. I will still ship to some countries, so contact me to be sure you live in a country I ship to.
Please email your order (or a screenshot of your order) to Once I have your order, I will calculate the weight & contact you to give you the shipping costs and invoice you for the option you choose As soon as that invoice is paid, your order will be on it’s way to you!

Please be aware that any import taxes or customs fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. We send all orders USPS which transfers to the postal service in your country once it clears customs. We are in no way responsible for USPS or any other postal service and all issues or claims will have to be addressed with them directly. Although it does take extra time (7-21 days for standard shipping) there isn’t usually an issue with delivery as long as you enter the shipping address accurately.

*I haven't received tracking info on my order. 

Did you enter your email address at checkout? The computer system automatically updates your order and sends shipping notification, including tracking info, when a label is printed. If you ordered bulky items, we may have had to take the package to the post office to be weighed and measured to ensure the correct postage is paid. Also, if you ordered via phone, email, Facebook or Instagram, any method other than the website, we do not send out tracking information automatically. In both of the last two examples, please contact us and we will gladly research your order to provide your shipping details.

*Please note, we assume no responsibility for mis-delivered mail or incorrect addresses. We ask that you confirm your shipping address is complete and accurate before placing your order. If you realize you entered a wrong address, please notify us immediately. We will update your address if it hasn’t shipped yet.  

Any issues with deliveries need to be addressed directly with USPS. Our system automatically generates the address entered at checkout, so verify you enter the address correctly. We will not get involved with any mail issues, that is solely the responsibility of the customer.

*My tracking shows delivered but I can't locate my order, what do I do?

Contact your local post office, USPS or designated carrier immediately. Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, the carrier (USPS) holds full liability of said package. We are not responsible for lost, missing, stolen or damaged packages/product.

*Do you offer bulk and wholesale prices? 

We are no longer offering bulk and wholesale options at this time. We are growing quickly and inventory changes constantly, making if difficult to ensure all products are available in bulk amounts at all times. When our growth phase has balanced & we adjust to our new sales volume we may offer these options again.

We will, however, offer special pricing for schools and training programs who would like to use our products with their students. Please contact us for more information.