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Cancer Zodiac Chunky Glitter Mix


The white in the mix represents Cancer’s sentimental, loving nature. The iridescence  signifies their sensitivity while the holo stands for their tenacity and tendency towards narcissism. Contradictory, pure, and wonderful just like your favorite Crab! 

 This mix is available solo or as part of the Zodiac Collection. 

Premium quality chunky/ultrafine mix glitter, solvent resistant, will not bleed, and safe for use on skin.

Perfect for nails, makeup, hair, body lotions & other personal products, slime, resin, crafting or whatever needs some sparkle in your life  

Glitter will be packaged in bags to save on high shipping costs for the benefit of customer and seller on international orders. If you’d like to receive the product in jars or pots, please contact us to arrange to pay actual shipping costs, rather than our discounted international shipping rates. 


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