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Jedi Holo Large Hex Glitter

Jedi Holo Large Hex Glitter


Jedi holo is the glitter you’ve been searching the galaxy for! Perfect for every situation, every mix, you won’t find a better glitter, even with the help of the oldest, most skilled Jedi Master. The Force has guided you here, add it to your cart, you will. 

Also available in microfine, ultrafine (called Scandalous from our early days. Different name, same glitter.), chunky, stars, harlequin, squares and fireworks.

Premium quality hologram glitter, solvent resistant, cosmetic grade and safe for use on skin.

Perfect for nails, makeup, hair, slime, resin and crafting.

Glitter will be packaged in bags to save on high shipping costs for the benefit of customer and seller on international orders. If you’d like to receive the product in jars or pots, please contact us to arrange to pay actual shipping costs, rather than our discounted international shipping rates. 

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