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Polyjuice Potion Chunky Cosmetic Glitter

Polyjuice Potion Chunky Cosmetic Glitter


It looks like it holds magical power, but it’s really only glitter... shhhh... It may not have the ability to transform you into someone else, but honestly, what’s stopping you from being exactly who you want to be, anyway?! You’re dynamic, and when you wear this glitter, you’ll feel it too. 

cosmetic glitter designed specifically for use on the skin, making it perfect for makeup, lotion, bath bombs, soaps, and whatever else needs to sparkle. 

Although this is cosmetic glitter, we found that it behaves like our regular line of glitters. We’ve tested it in nail products, hair products, body products, slime, resin, crafting products & adhesives with no apparent difference. We don’t guarantee use, so, if using in a non-cosmetic way, please test it in your project to be sure it has the desired outcome. 

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