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Springtime In Paris Ultrafine Glitter


What’s better than conjuring the image of strolling along the streets of Paris with the sweet smell of springtime blooms hanging in the air? Maybe the perfect partner to share the experience with. While we can’t help you find your soulmate, this lovely iridescent glitter might inspire you to start thinking about that bucket list trip, the rest is up to you! 

Photo credit for those beautiful nails featuring this glitter goes to Connie @angel_touch64 on Instagram. Check her out to see LOTS of our glitters in action! 

Premium quality chunky/ultrafine mix glitter, solvent resistant, will not bleed, and safe for use on skin.

Perfect for nails, makeup, hair, body lotions & other personal products, slime, resin, and crafting.

Glitter will be packaged in bags to save on high shipping costs for the benefit of customer and seller on international orders. If you’d like to receive the product in jars or pots, please contact us to arrange to pay actual shipping costs, rather than our discounted international shipping rates. 

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